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Movie producer, Don Pedro-Obaseki writes an open letter to Rita Dominic

Filmmaker, Don Pedro-Obaseki has written an open letter to Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic.

This is coming just few days after a social media post by the actress caused an uproar. Rita Dominic took to Instagram where she wrote that not all Nollywood movies deserve to be screened at cinemas. This led to several fans and even celebrities telling her to thread cautiously cos some of her movies which have been shown at cinemas are also not fit for such.

Well below is a post by Don Pedro-Obaseki speaking on the issue.

”AN APPEAL TO #RITA_DOMINIC – From Don Pedro Obaseki.

My dear star, sister & colleague’, Rita Nwaturocha (aka Rita Dominic & once upon a time, Rita Lamb), I’ve had the inglorious privilege of reading about your “Table Shakings” and the reactions they’ve elicited.

Ma, humility is a virtue, and caution ain’t cowardice! I remember a few times around 2003-2006, when you used to “sweat” at Chico’s in Bank Olemoh, roaming from one set to the other, while recording TWO or THREE movies at the same Time!

Don’t be like Chichidodo, the proverbial Ghanaian bird in Ayi kwe Armah’s novel. Chichidodo was the bird that hated shit, but feeds only on the maggots from Shit.

Please dearie. Leave that Table alone. It is fragile and you are right atop it dressed in your Sunday Best! But the table floats on the Lagoon of filth and jaded black trash. You may slip headlong into the murky lagoon, and because you’ve maligned all that may be willing to lend you a helping hand, you may be left to drown with no one to help pull you ashore.

Life is a trickster. Let it not prank you. Learn that there’s nobility in humility. No be beans, my dear. As a free-spirited “young man”, I offer this ” small advice”, albeit with NO PREJUDICES. Your journey from Choba & Delta Park in Uniport to where you are now is worthy of commendation. Don’t waste it on an ego-trip.

Please remain assured of my most esteemed regards.

We still love you”.

don pedro-obaseki

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