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“Nigerians we are too emotional rather than objective” Do2dtun makes strong case for Mohbad’s father

Do2dtun defends Mohbad's father

Media personality, Do2dtun has made a strong case for Joseph Aloba, the father of late singer, Mohbad.

Taking to his Instagram page, Do2dtun noted how Nigerians are too emotional rather than objective, hence why they tend to misjudge certain people. He stated that though we might not like his father or he might not have communicated his feelings properly but we shouldn’t misconstrue his words.

He admonished Nigerians to stop reading headlines, follow hearsay and comments, and joining the bandwagon but to read, watch, and understand.

Do2dtun clarified that the singer’s father was implying that his son was too young to write any will and believed things were orchestrated to take his property. He noted how the late singer’s father believes there is foul play.

“All Mohbad’s Dad was implying or trying to say is a young boy of that age didn’t write a will. He is too young to think that & for all the happenings; he believes it was all orchestrated to take his property. He suspects a foul play. Watch to understand not to comment.

It might be medicine after death or before it. Let us try and understand a video for what it is and remember to comprehend before you comment.
Nigerians we are too emotional rather than objective. You all might not like the father likewise or he might not know how to communicate his feelings properly but don’t misconstrue what he said. Don’t read headlines, follow hearsay, or read a few comments and join the bandwagon. Read to understand not reply… Iree o!”.

Do2dtun defends Mohbad's father

Kemi Filani reported earlier that Mohbad’s father had raised questions over his late son’s will, questioning a 26-year-old could have done a thumb printed will. He expressed disbelief at how his son, who was well educated could do a thumbprinted will, rather than sign it.

Challenging the will, Joseph Aloba stated that he believes the document was doctored and is fake. He also pointed out how a lawyer was present at Mohbad’s house, and not even a doctor when the news of his death broke out.

His son’s management had tackled him as they debunked reports of a will. His management made it known that there is no will, neither is there a thumbprinted document, and urged his father and others to refrain from sharing false and misleading statements.

Mohbad’s father lost the admiration of many when he defended Naira Marley for bullying his son, explaining that Naira Marley was only trying to correct him, but his son didn’t listen to him and went on to praise the singer who he described as a good person.

The video left many questioning if he was the biological father of the late singer as they expressed disgust at his revelation.

To worsen things, he had accused his son’s widow wife, of being unfaithful and even putting sleeping pills in his noodles.

He claimed that Wunmi was sleeping with one of the singer’s signees and revealed the major reason why he doesn’t trust her.

Last week, he made a strong allegation against his son’s wife, Wunmi, and lawyer, Femi Falana, alleging that his life was being threatened by them. Crying out for help, he claimed that he didn’t know where to live as Wunmi and Femi Falana were threatening to eliminate him.

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