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DJ cuppy finally replies her ex after he revealed he dumped her

DJ Cuppy, whose real name is Florence Otedola has recently made headlines with her subtle response to her ex, Ryan. This comes after Ryan’s not-so-subtle hint that he was the one to end their relationship.

A week ago, the drama unfolded when Ryan, engaging with his followers on Instagram, was asked about his exes. His reply, sharp and direct, claimed all his exes were poor drivers, a statement many saw as a dig at DJ Cuppy. Cuppy didn’t immediately respond to this claim, leaving fans in suspense.

Fast forward to today, and DJ Cup shared an Instagram Story which shows her in a restaurant, a dumpling poised elegantly near her brightly red-lipped smile. The caption? Ashe took a direct jab at Ryan’s words, stating that the only ‘dumping’ she’s dealing with is the dumpling she’s about to enjoy. This clever play on words, hinting at their past relationship, has her fans applauding her class and humor.

But this isn’t the first time Cuppy has openly discussed her personal life. At the Women in Management, Business and Public Service Conference in London, she touched on several personal setbacks. She spoke candidly about her failed jewelry line, academic challenges at Oxford, and, notably, her engagement to Ryan. Despite confirming their split, Cuppy’s tone was optimistic, focusing on the ongoing journey of her life and being at peace with its uncertainties.

The relationship between DJ Cuppy and Ryan has always been a topic of interest. The short lived romance began with an engagement announcement, just two days after they met. Despite criticism over the speedy engagement, Cuppy stood firm, claiming it felt right. The duo frequently flaunted their love on Instagram, sharing moments and milestones, including showcasing her engagement ring in December 2023.

However, by July 2023, signs of trouble surfaced as both unfollowed each other on social media, a modern-day indicator of relationship woes. This latest Instagram Story from Cuppy seems to be the final, subtle yet clear, closure to their publicized and scrutinized relationship.

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