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Details of the ‘sleeping allowance’ Gov Rochas Okorocha could approve for Imo workers

Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, announced today during the state’s civil service to celebrate May 1st, Workers’ Day that he would be giving automatic promotion for all workers.

He also reportedly promised that because of the fondness he had for the workers, he could also approve sleeping allowance for them.

Okorocha announced the automatic promotion in his address at the 2018 Workers’ Day celebration, which held on Tuesday at Heroes Square in Owerri. The automatic promotion is with the exception of those who are newly employed.

Many workers were reported to have stayed away from the event as there was a low turnout.

The Governor said he had approved an automatic promotion for all workers of Imo State. According to him, the automatic promotion meant that if any of his workers was in Grade Level Eight,they were now in Grade Level Nine.

He stated that he did that because since he became governor seven years ago, they had not been promoted. He further hailed them by calling them the engine room behind all his administration’s successes saying that without them, the activities of the government would have been crippled. 

Finally, he reportedly thanked them for their patience and stated that he could approve sleeping allowance for them.


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