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“Why do you want me dead” Destiny Etiko queries colleagues over their hatred for her (Video)



Destiny Etiko queries colleagues

Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko has a message for her colleagues, who want her dead.

The Asaba movie star questioned why they don’t like her, want to see her progress, or see her progress.

She further questioned who would take care of her mother, handle her responsibilities, and answer her name if she was dead.

“Why don’t you like me? Why is my little progress peppering you for body? Why don’t you want me to move forward? Later, you go carry the oil wey dey for my head put for your own, can it work? Of course not. Would you take care of my mother? Would you take care of my responsibilities? Will you answer my name? The world is too large to contain everybody”.

How God delivered me after my colleagues afflicted me with severe neck pain” Destiny Etiko tearfully shares testimony

Early this year, Destiny Etiko recounted how God delivered her from severe neck pain, which she woke up with.

As the day went by, the situation became worse and she had to visit the hospital, but it was all futile as she was medically fit.

Being spiritual, Destiny Etiko believed she had been attacked and had to speak to her pastor for prayers as well as her mother’s and friend’s pastors.

Fortunately for her, after fervently praying for healing, God healed her from the pain and made her whole.

Destiny Etiko speaks on betrayals

A few weeks back, Destiny Etiko had spoken about betrayals.

According to her, she has a wonderful heart that has been broken a lot of times by people she loved so much and sacrificed a lot for.

But the only thing is, when she decided to move, she did so without looking back because life has no duplication.