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Destiny Etiko makes a die-hard young fan’s wish come true on her birthday (Video)

Destiny Etiko surprises a young fan on her birthday

Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko has made the wish of a young fan of hers comes through as she surprises her on her birthday.

Kemi Filani reported that a young female fan of the movie star had expressed a desire to meet with her.

Destiny had shared a video of the child rejecting getting a birthday present because of her.

In the video, her mother had taken her to a kid’s toy store where she met her uncle who decided to spoil her with gifts.

To their surprise, the little girl rejected the toys as she profusely begged to see Destiny Etiko.

Her mother shared the video on her Instagram page as she revealed how her daughter has been pestering her for over a year to see her idol.

To worsen things, her class teacher has noted how her obsession with Destiny Etiko which has made her a distraction to many.

Destiny Etiko makes her wish come true

In an update to it, Destiny revealed that she had promised to meet the girl on a said date after her birthday, but the young lad broke down into tears as she desired to meet Destiny on her birthday.

The young child told her mum that her wish is to see the actress on her birthday which was on Sunday, so her mum flew from Lagos to Asaba, unfortunately, Destiny wasn’t around, but had promised to meet with them the next day.

This didn’t sit well with the celebrant, whose desire was to see the actress on her joyous day. Heartbroken by the news, she broke down in tears and this compelled Destiny Etiko to change her plans for the day.

“She told her mum that all her WISH is to see me on her birthday which is today, so her mum flew her from Lagos to ASABA just to see me. Unfortunately, I traveled to the nearby town and told the mum day I would see them tomorrow morning.

Boooooooo I got this from the mum saying she is crying heavily DAT her wish of seeing me today won’t be accomplished.
Pls, my princess @princesscandice11 am driving now to see come u you, my baby. Love u too. Pls, stop crying”.

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