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“Stay away from somebody like me for your peace of mind” Desola Afod warns

Desola Afod warns the public to stay away from her

Nollywood actor, Kunle Afod’s wife, Desola Afod has issued a public announcement to the general public.

Pointing out the several unprintable names she has been called by the public, Desola appreciated them for the nicknames.

She advised the public to stay away from someone like her for their peace of mind.

She added that whatever one feels about her doesn’t stop her from being blessed.

“Public Announcement
To the General Public
I’m Razz 💯 I’m local 💯 I’m Ruth 💯 I’m a bad person 💯 I’m everything 💯. Yes I know. Thank you and stay away from somebody like me for your peace of mind.

NB : Whatever you feel about me doesn’t stop GOD from blessing me”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Desola Afod, the self acclaimed celebrity wife of actor, Kunle Afod had blown hot at those who snitch on their friends in order to gain more friends.

She stated that because one post and tag people as ‘rich and generous’ doesn’t mean they would be generous to others.

Desola Afod noted how many are just downgrading themselves and showing off their level of stupidity.

She sternly warned them to stop snitching because they want to be friends with their other friends.

“For the last time…. Stop snitching on your friends cos you wanna be friends with their other friends. Because we post people and tag them rich and generous doesn’t mean they will be generous to you when you famz them. Una go just dey downgrade una self dey show your level of stupidity”.

Desola Afod warns
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