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Actress Debbie Shokoya gets engaged on Valentine’s Day (Video)

Debbie Shokoya engaged

Congratulatory messages are pouring in for actress, Debbie Shokoya as she gets engaged.

The Yoruba actress, who lives a quiet lifestyle, got the shock of her life, when her lover went down on his knees to propose to her on Valentine’s Day.

Debbie Shokoya, who was taken aback thought she was going the spend the day with her partner, not knowing that he had something else up his sleeve.

In the video posted online by her colleague, Biola Bayo, Debbie Shokoya ‘s was seen getting down on his knees as he asks his woman to spend the rest of her life with him.

A surprised Debbie, who was dressed in white short and shirt, said yes to him.

Debbie Shokoya hints at getting married

This is coming two years after Debbie Shokoya revealed her desire to get married.

One of her resolutions for 2022 was to be a MRS, but like the saying, ‘Man proposes, God disposes’, her wish didn’t come to past.

Debbie Shokoya, had revealed her marital desire in a post shared on her Instagram page alongside a photo of herself excited.

According to Debbie Shokoya, she would be settling down in 2022 with her partner and building an empire together.

She wrote: “In 2022 I Am Settling Down With My Partner In Success And We Are Building An Empire Together”.

But anyway, delay isn’t always denial and we are happy that the Yoruba star is fulfilling her dream in 2023.

Debbie Shokoya makes lifetime promise to her partner

On another note, Debbie had surprised many as made a lifetime promise and commitment to her man.

The movie star, took to Instagram, to delight her fans with a loved-up video of her and her boo.

Debbie accompanied the beautiful video, with sweet words about love.

According to her, as their love grow older, their hearts mature and their love becomes as coals, deep burning and unquenchable.

Affirming her love, Debbie, promised to be with him forever.

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