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Economic hardship: “Even the rich are complaining” Debbie Shokoya contemplates relocating as bag of rice skyrocket to N90k

Debbie Shokoya bemoans as bag of rice hits N90k

Nollywood actress, Debbie Shokoya has once again lamented over the cost of living in the country.

The Yoruba actress, via her Instagram page, questioned which country she could easily relocate to as she noted how a bag of rice is now being sold at N90k.

Debbie noted how rich people are also complaining, which has left her with several questions as everyday things get clearer to her.

The businesswoman added that it is only one with stamina who can serve Nigeria with all the strength. Calling on to her Maker, she told him to have mercy on the country.

“Na who get stamina dey serve Nigeria with all thee strength.

Ewo!! O Ti Sumi I don carry chair to sit down

Haaaa Lord have mercy ooo!!
Shey mi oni relocate bayii”

Everyday it’s getting clearer.

Even the rich dey Complain,
Na There I Con Dey Wonder Say Wetin Wan Happen Like This…

It’s Not Funny Again Ooo!!
Bag Of Rice Sold For 90k Ke🤦‍♀️
Please Which Country Can I Relocate To”.

Debbie Shokoya bemoans as bag of rice hits N90k

During the weekend, Debbie Shokoya lamented over the economy, noting how she does not complain about Nigeria’s problems, but things have gotten out of hand and now she is weak.

Debbie stated that she is beginning to wonder if the government has any good plans for the citizens at all as she noted how there is no light, fuel is cost, food items are high and business owners are complaining.

Joining her, Mercy Aigbe made a passionate appeal to the son of the President, Seyi Tinubu, noting how people are hungry and dying in the country over the economy.

She asserted that the present situation of the country is terrible and she urged the government to do something about it. In a message to Seyi Tinubu, she appealed to him to talk to his father on their behalf.

Just recently, Bukunmi Oluwasina had weighed into the current hardship in the country, revealing that as much as she wanted to mind her business this year, it’s hard cause it hurts.

She expressed heartbreak over watching the people she loves and cares so much about suffer and she can’t do anything about it because no matter how rich she is, she can’t solve everybody’s problem.

Bukunmi revealed that she has been avoiding her DM for days now, because anytime she opens it, it messes up her mental health, as she noted how both the p0or, averagely okay and even the rich are now begging for financial assistance.

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