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‘Stop the hypocrites, even oyinbos with very fine skin use filter’ Actress Debbie Shokoya blasts those criticising skincare influencers

debbie shokoya

Nollywood actress Debbie Shokoya has slammed those who criticise celebrities using phone filters for their picture while influencing skincare products.

In a post shared on Instagram, Debbie Shokoya said not everyone has time to deceive others, especially someone other people have physically met.

Debbie Shokoya questioned why many people have issues with celebrities who influence skincare products and use filters as if they are not permitted to use simple filters.

According to Debbie Shokoya, many Nigerians love hypocrisy, adding that even in the western world, people still use filters even with their fine skin.

In her words: Stop the hypocrisy!!! Not everyone has time to deceive people…Not even for someone you have met before then you judge from afar!! Really?

Why Do Some People Have Issue With Someone Using Filter? Especially People That Sells Skincare Products, Are They Not Permitted To Use A Simple Filter?….
Why Do We Love Hypocrisy ln This Country!! Even Oyinbos With Very Fine Skin Use Simple Filter!!…

Even With Filter, You Can Still See Through If Someone’s Skin Is Bad!!
What About Picture And Videos That I Took Without Using Filter, So Why Have Issues When I Use A Simple Favorite Filter?
I Do Live Videos Without Filter, Not Even With Makeup!!
You Will Never See Me Bombard My Pictures With Editing Or Coloring!!
I Love To Keep It Real

Meet Me In Person And See, I Am Not A Two Colored Skin…
I Don’t Pass My Boundaries When It Comes To Usage Of Products, Same Thing I Advise My Customers

Kemi Filani News recalls Debbie Shokoya surprised her colleague Biola Adebayo ahead of her birthday.

Sharing the video of the beautiful moment on her Instagram page, Biola Adebayo noted that the lovely surprise is one of the best moments for her this year.

Biola Adebayo expressed love for Debbie Shokoya over the kind gesture and prayed that God would increase and comfort her on every side.

Debbie Shokoya
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