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“Marriage can’t cure loneliness and it isn’t for everyone” Dayo Amusa shares her thoughts on the high rate of divorce

Dayo Amusa talks marriage

This year alone, a whole lot of celebrities especially in America have filed for divorce from their spouse. From Ariana Grande to Britney Spears, Sofia Vergara and a host of others.

With the high rate of divorce cases piling up daily, Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa has shared her thoughts on marriage and what it entails.

The movie star, in a lengthy post on her Instagram page, noted how many believe marriage will cure their loneliness, which leads to unrealistic expectations.

According to Dayo, a partner isn’t meant to fulfill you but to meet one’s deepest needs or bear their every burden.

She emphasized that marriage isn’t for everyone as it is a massive commitment and shouldn’t be rushed into.

The movie star preached on the need to love oneself as one can’t give to another what they don’t have.

“I sometimes wonder if marriage is a must. Then I come to the conclusion that it isn’t for everyone. Who we marry is one of the most important decisions in life, the concept of marriage has taken a new turn lately as we’ve witnessed not only a high rate of divorce & separation but partners devising violent methods to end their marriage. O sad gan ni.

If you think marriage will cure your loneliness, you’ll be having too many unrealistic expectations. Your partner is not meant to fulfill you, hë or she is not designed to meet your desired needs or bear every burden you face in life.

Marriage no be for everyone o, some people just want to be single and that’s okay. But even some people who are in happy relationships shouldn’t necessarily be running to the altar. Getting married is a massive commitment. I believe so bcos you’re committing to spending a lot of time together+ there is the till death do us part, but which really shouldn’t be taken lightly rara. But some of us are not sure about what party that we want to take & that’s okay. Marriage is not one-size-fits-all.

Even if you’re ready to commit to one person, you don’t necessarily have to do that in a white dress with a whole lot of paperwork. Commitment can look different to different people.
Marriage is the right option for some people but for others, it may not be the right fit. Give yourself a chance to decide.

Love yourself, know that you’re beautiful, and don’t give up on yourself for others.

What you don’t have, you can’t give.

You can’t pour from an empty cup”.

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