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“I have nothing to prove” – Dayo Amusa brags as she glows in new photos

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Filmmaker Dayo Amusa has shared new glowing photos of herself on her social media page.

The beautiful actress rocked her verified Instagram page with a photo of herself glowing in a beautiful adore outfit.

Sharing the photos with her fans, Amusa made it known that she has nothing to prove and she’s grateful for the opportunities of growth.

She wrote, “I know that I have nothing to prove. I am grateful for opportunities to grow, regardless of what they look like.”

Just few days ago, Amusa bade a farewell to her past by welcoming a new chapter by God’s grace.

Dayo Amusa, on her Instagram page spoke about leaving the past behind because it can destroy one’s future. She mentioned the importance of what is unknown about tomorrow because it can offer something great.

The beautiful actress made it known that her new chapter is as a result of God’s divine Grace.

Also, the actress shared an important message with parents on how to plan their lives including their children’s life. She wrote about the repeated mistakes of parents that later boomerang. Such mistakes included not having a plan for their lives.

She urged parents to upgrade themselves as their children are being upgraded, make sure to have their children around them and have a strategic plan for the future.

A few years ago, Dayo Amusa was moved to tears over the actions of one of her colleagues, Abey Jomo towards her on her birthday.

Dayo shared a screenshot of what Abey Jomo wrote about her and was moved to tears over the lovely analysis of her younger colleague.

Abey Jomo identified Dayo Amusa as a classic Nollywood star, a queen in her lane of excellence and one who churns out valuable content with depths.

He also noted that the actress is disciplined with a clear and focused mind and is not swayed by peer pressure. He mentioned Dayo Amusa’s hit movie, Unforgivable, that paved way for Yoruba Nollywood in the cinema.

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