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“Davido is the best thing that ever happened to you” – Netizens floor Davido’s ex-girlfriend Nina for chasing him all the way to Jamaica

Kemi Filani earlier reported that Davido’s ex-girlfriend Nina had visited Jamaica, shortly after the singer vacationed there with his wife in honor of her birthday.

His fans didn’t take her taunt well, as they took to her comment section to air out their frustrations about the whole situation.

melvinhakuna wrote, “Davido have left Jamaica if that’s why u came…. let the man be”

ufan_me wrote, “This is very childish and a prove that Davido is the best thing that ever happened to you You want to trend by doing this, now I know you need to be evaluated because you need help”

2450_regina wrote, “David is not there. He left to Dubai this morning with his wife.”

thee_orma wrote, “Anita rest!!!! In Jesus name”

magy04 wrote, “You know that there is actually a cure to your disease”

rudeboyy wrote, “Diff vibe He in a pent house in bay chillin u in a river sorry gurl”

mitchie.tee wrote, U followed him and he ran away.. I’m sure he’s now ashamed of being pinpoint in new wit u hotty”

sarahruona24 wrote, “ If obsession was a person it’d be You you really got a lot of healing to do fr gyallll”

ifennaaa wrote, “You really need help this Anita girl, rest ijn na only you know wetin you Dey find”

leoprincearmani_dmw wrote, “Why are you so obsessed with Davido?”

nvra4ever wrote, “Get a grip on ur self he is married!!’!! Bye & peace stay safe”

extra_touch_couture wrote, “Rest madam and move on”

sk_laula_ wrote, “What takes u there when Davido and his wife are there this woman u want

evans_john01 wrote, “Ahhh. Montego Bay? Davido is in the same place too . Hmmm”

obolino0307 wrote, “Leave David alone please. He is married”

dubems wrote, “If Chef Chi catches you, you will see shege”

stephanieexox wrote, “He probably made her things she will never forget that’s why she can’t stop talking about him giving obsessed”

johanna_mansay wrote, “Why you Dey follow this man na orgini Ehn sister what is it”

okenwa265 wrote, “U no go rest this girl wetin be ur own”

luvaleroyalty wrote, “Hunty rest we beg you in the name of Jehova”

iamslimii wrote, “Davido Dey same Jamaica ooo Montego for that matter ooo”

staythemodel wrote, “Seek counciling and do it off social media babe. I believe you were pregnant from him and whatever decision you made is still affecting you.”

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