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“I have hit songs, he don’t” – Davido tackles Nkechi Blessing as he dares Wizkid to drop a song on the same day with him

Davido dares Wizkid to drop song with him on the same day

Afrobeat singer, Davido has dared his colleague and rival, Wizkid following their online spat.

The two superstar singers have been at loggerheads for the past few hours after Wizkid heavily shaded him while engaging with his fans.

Weighing into their drama, Nkechi Blessing had assumed that the beloved singers were only clout chasing as she believed they have a banger coming soon.

“A banger is dropping soon from both of them, you heart it here first”, she wrote.

Taking to her comment section, Davido made her know that he has no project with Wizkid. He stated that he has lots of hit songs, which Wizkid doesn’t as he went on to dae him to drop a song the same day as him.

An angry Davido challenged him to succumb to his demands as he bragged about having 80 hits.

“Ain’t shit dropping. I have guys!! He don’t!! Tell him let’s drop Friday together. If dem born him well he should drop am ready!! I got 80 hits in the can ready!! Ayo please!! Activate me!!! No fit!! Solo short bitch!!”.

Reacting to it, Nkechi noted how Davido is already angry. “haaaa 001 don vex finish”.

Davido dares Wizkid to drop song with him on the same day

Refreshing your memory the whole drama started on Monday after Wizkid shared an embarrassing video of Davido begging a lady for presumably sex. He shared the video online while engaging with his fans who were pestering him to drop music, urging them to beg him like Davido did.

Replying him, Davido called out Wizkid for being a sick man and accused him of being a woman beater.

He also pleaded with Wizkid to respond to him and he did by using the same embarrassing video. Davido went on to express that this attitude was exactly why he stopped wasting his clout and jeopardizing his millions of endorsements on somebody whose career was resurrected a few years ago just to die again.

Davido also blatantly told Wizkid that his career was falling off as he stated that people did not know his song again.

Weighing into it, Daniel Regha has expressed disappointment in the singer.

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