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David Nnaji welcomes baby with another woman while still married to singer, J’odie

Actor and producer, David Nnaji, has confirmed welcoming a baby with another woman but his marriage to singer, Jodie, was still intact.

In an interview with punch, he said “I already confirmed on Instagram that I just had a baby girl. I don’t want to talk much about the identity of the mother because it is my personal life and I don’t want to make it public. I haven’t gotten married to another woman and if I will be doing that, I will rather keep it private. If you study my lifestyle, you will see that I don’t put my life out there. I don’t comment on things people say. My marriage to Jodie is still intact but she is not the one I just had a baby with. I did not take permission from anyone to get married and I don’t need to explain anything to anybody. I don’t even bother to dissuade any rumour because I am not interested.”

Speaking on what he has been up to recently, Nnaji said, “I just finished a project on the happenings in the North-East as regards how they affect women. It is titled, The Torn Petal. I also just worked on a movie titled, Derail. It is the story of a young lady who got derailed. I am also working in the studio with some young music talents and we will be putting something out soon.

“Even though I started as a child actor, being a producer and director now is a natural transition for me. I have done over 6,000 episodes of TV series in my career and that’s a lot of acting for someone who started at the age of 14. I’m now 32 and I am channelling my energy towards producing, though I will still act in future. For me to act, it has to be a script that is engaging and interesting, something unusual. I believe there are new vistas to explore.”

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