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“Your entire net worth is some people’s shopping money” Daniel Regha slams Burna Boy over his bragging

Daniel Regha slams Burna Boy over his bragging

Twitter personality and critic, Daniel Regha has knocked award-winning singer, Burna Boy over his constant bragging.

Earlier on, Burna Boy had revealed his plans for his colleagues whom he hates. He stated that he is trying to get a pilot to fly above the houses of those he doesn’t like. Giving reason, he revealed that he plans to urinate on them from the sky and enjoy as it falls on them.

Taking to his comment section, Daniel slammed him over his unending bragging as he noted how his entire net worth is some people’s shopping money.

He reminded the singer of his come-up story as he admonished him to be a positive change to the public through his voice, songs, and lifestyle. Daniel Regha noted how Burna Boy is constantly doing the opposite as he made him know that there is more to life than material comfort and as such, he should be humble.

“Burna u seem to forget ur come up story; Ur voice, songs & lifestyle should be representing positive change but u are fond of doing the exact ¤pposite by being unnecessar!ly disrespectful! Ur entire net worth is some people’s sh¤pping money, so qu!t the bragg!ng. There’s more to life than material comforts, be humble”.

Daniel Regha slams Burna Boy over his bragging

This isn’t the first time, Daniel Regha has tackled Burna Boy. Weeks back, the Controversial Twitter personality had slammed Burna Boy after he heavily shaded Davido, while tackling a Davido’s fan who criticized him.

Daniel revealed that Davido was a much bigger artist than Burna Boy and that because Burna has won more international awards did not change that fact.

Daniel Regha went on to state that the Grammy was practically worthless nowadays and was now literally based on connections. He further went on to disclose that Diddy had helped Burna Boy with the Grammy.

Daniel isn’t the one only who has slammed Burna Boy over his constant beef with Davido. Popular socialite, Baddie Kimmy K had blasted the Grammy singer, calling him a man-child as opposed to his self-acclaimed title of being an Odogwu.

Kimmy K stated that Burna Boy’s ego was deeply hurt when Davido called him a new cat, hence why his daily sub at him. She questioned why Burna couldn’t address Davido as a man rather than throwing subs and pretending to be a victim.

She made him know that the more subs he threw at his rival, the more childish he looked as she urged him to address Davido once and for all.

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