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“With all the discoveries, no celeb is advocating for Mohbad” Daniel Regha calls out artists for their inhumanity



Daniel Regha calls out artists over Mohbad’s death

In the aftermath of the tragic passing of Nigerian artist Mohbad, an observation has been made by Daniel Regha on the role celebrities are playing in advocating for him. He spoke on the lack support from fellow celebrities, even in the face of recent controversies surrounding the circumstances of his death.

“Have celebs started advocating for Mohbad now? No; Even after all the recent discoveries. Cos they still choose industry connections over humanity, & believe that posting a condolence message is enough validation.”

One deeply unsettling controversy that emerged in the wake of Mohbad’s passing was the viral video showing Naira Marley’s aide, Sam Larry, harassing the late artist. The disturbing footage showed Mohbad seemingly in distress and discomfort, with Sam Larry’s actions raising serious questions and concerns among fans and the public.

Furthermore, videos of Mohbad appearing bloodied and battered following an altercation with Naira Marley’s aide only added to the already murky waters surrounding his death. These visuals sparked outrage and renewed the demand for clarity and justice.

Despite the outpouring of condolence messages from various celebrities within the entertainment industry, Daniel Regha’s observation remains undeniable: there has been a noticeable absence of advocacy and support for Mohbad’s death from prominent artists.

The silence regarding the circumstances of Mohbad’s passing and the controversies surrounding it raises questions about the responsibilities and roles of celebrities during such trying times.

While investigations must proceed diligently and responsibly, expressions of support and solidarity can provide much-needed comfort to the grieving family and concerned fans.

Daniel Regha’s statement expresses that the entertainment industry, with its platform for influence, has the potential to amplify the voices of those who seek justice and answers.