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Dancer Korra attacks estranged husband after daughter got dismissed from school due to head injury

American-based Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi who is never tired of calling out over her estranged husband, Justin Dean, has attacked him verbally on social media over a head injury sustained by their daughter.

Taking to her social media platform, the popular entertainer shared a video of her daughter, June who was supposed to be in school as at the time she was making the video. Korra said she got dismissed from school due to a head injury she sustained when she was with her father.

Attacking her estranged hubby, Korra said he used the children to advertise a product without checking and ensuring their safety. Ranting further, the dancer said if June had sustained the injury under her watch, she would have been attacked terribly and labelled as a bad mother.

‘You see yourself, next time before you use my children to advertise wallet make sure you check them first, you made a child have a head injury just because you want to sell wallet,’ she hissed.

Kemi Filani news reported that it was a tough time for Korra Obidi as she tried to navigate co-parenting with her estranged husband.

Since her American husband, Justin Dean, announced their divorce, the couple had been embroiled in several social media wars.

Korra cried out for help over ploys to take her daughters away from her.

Taking to social media, Korra Obidi claimed that there were attempts to take away her kids from her.

According to her, they were trying to control her life through her kids.

Korra revealed that someone sent her a mail asking her to dress up or end up losing her daughters.

Expressing her frustration, Korra said,

“I can’t believe someone says they’ll take the children away from me because I am not wearing cloth. She sent me an email saying ‘Korra Korra they are going to take your children from you because you aren’t wearing clothes. They are trying to use these children to try and control me. So if I wear clothes now they wouldn’t take my children. Ehhhhhhh”.

This is coming days after Korra Obidi had lamented some of the consequences of divorce.

The dancer and her estranged husband, Justin Dean, have always been on social media war following cheating and domestic violence claims.

Via a video she posted on her platform, she cried out that her children had been taken away for some days now, leaving her broken.

“Don’t get divorced. It is not for the weak. Separated from your 6 months old for a whole week. I have been trying to keep my composure but last night I got broken because I saw strangers touching my child. It really broke me,” she said in a tears-filled voice

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