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Dance queen Kaffy breaks down in tears after 40th birthday surprise from her two kids (video)

Dance Queen Kaffy and family
Dance queen Kaffy 40th birthday

Award-winning dancer, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh popularly known as Kaffy, turned 40 on Tuesday and she got the most amazing surprise from her two kids!

Kemi Filani News reports that the dance queen initially started off her birthday by releasing some oh-so-beautiful lovely new photos on her Instagram page.

The dancer posed with her beautiful family in one of the photos and announced the “new chapter” in her captions.

After which she shared a video of how her two kids surprised her with a dance performance.

Gushing about the surprise from them, Dance Queen Kaffy said “Wow! SUPRISE PERFORMANCE BY MY KIDS. It brought tears to my eyes when my son did a spoken word performance of poetry I just wrote. Even I haven’t memorized it yet and he did in 24 hours .My daughter was just a. Gem”

Watch video below:

Her birthday photoshoot:

 Dance queen Kaffy 40th birthday
 Dance queen Kaffy 40th birthday
 Dance queen Kaffy 40th birthday

And then she wrote this tribute in her honor:

My Name is K A F F Y

An icon
Fitness Trainer
A Creative Production machine
MonaLisa in the Creator’s Treasury
Decked In Gold
Trillionaire in the making
Global creative leader
Guiness world Record holder
First and Biggest dance brand

My love for God produced a Mind with NO LIMITS
A MIND so bold with unshakable conviction that we are ALL made and meant to be great .
It is an insult to God that He would breathe Himself in to Us and we for any reason belief that we stand no chance at attaining greatness.
“who youuuuu?

My love and thirst for a sustainable relationship with Him and constant need to be in His presence led to who I am today as I was curious and I needed answers . The more I found the more i became .

This built the muscle of Problem Solving . I can I table anything and decipher , unlock or create a way out , in , over , under , above and beyond any situation .
GUESS WHAT? I dont need prior experience .
My tool box is a combination of every detail in my life that came as crude oil ,packed with valuable essential knowledge nuggets processes via REFINERY OF SET LAWS.

My brand was built In the midst of all “odds being against its existence “
Infact there was no template even failed ones to use as a beacon of hope of its possibility let alone its success.

I am the proof of His Laws and frequencies.

I don’t believe in Excuses which makes me even critical to myself and propels a nuclear level of self motivation as life has dealt its blows and if I wasn’t all aforementioned I would be DEAD!

There is no impossible for me . In my world that word doesn’t exist .
Difficult yes but ACHIEVABLE is my watchword.

I love humanity , see everyone for their good side .
I am an energy Goddess.
I exude a great deal of energy , I work with energy , and hypersensitive to negative ones .
Like a shark I can feel it millleeeeessss away.

My passion towards greatness birthed my companies that stand as pioneers in its sector .
Kaffy Incorporated- a global leading brand commitment to ensuring creativity is used as a global resource for empowerment and wealth creation .

1st Dance company in Nigeria :
Imagneto Dance company – We offer
⁃ Dance training
⁃ Artiste performance management
⁃ Creative solutions

⁃ a costume and active wear line
⁃ We have produced and rented for early all major music and entertainment industry events and production since 2007
IJODAbykaffy –
⁃ an Afrocentric holistic fitness and wellness company
⁃ I developed the idea of DANCE FITNESS
My love for empowerment of youth ,women and children let to creating a FOUNDATION

K.A.F.FY Kreative Arts Foundation For Youth:
⁃ Grant children educational and creative scholarships through our academy
⁃ Free medical services for poor communities
⁃ ADD A CUP – a hunger eradication initiative

I despise the way our youth have been conditioned towards wealth creation and frustrated by the spirit of ENTITLEMENT ,especially in the creative industry so I created an entrepreneurial capacity building program called DANCE BOSS

Currently aimed at solving the problem of the gap between the creative industry and information required to build sustainable businesses and brands

I am super active –
Basket ball
– played pro for state
⁃ created from scratch a female basket ball team. Captained them to a bronze at university games
⁃ Got scholarship via NBA camp was awarded Most promising player 2 years in a row
⁃ learnt very late but swims like an Olympian
⁃ I am a life guard
Love Machines ,Mathematics , Physics , sciences all together
Choreographer to the stars from Tiwa savage to Wizkid , Davido to Burna boy , Timi Dakolo to Tim Godferey …I work with only KINGS AMD QUEENS even before they ascend their Throne .

I am a barrier breaker . A warrrrrrr!
I am a mother of two amazing kids .
I am Married .


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