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“I can still order his arrest” Dammy Krane says as he revisits infamous fight with Wizkid

Dammy Krane days he can arrest Wizkid

Nigerian singer, Dammy Krane has revisited his infamous 2016 fight with his colleague, Wizkid.

Hours ago, the singer had enraged fans of Wizkid after he compared him with fast-rising singer, Portable, who he declared was more relevant.

A netizen slamming him, reminded him of the infamous fight as he stated that Wizkid would soon break another bottle on his head.

“They go soon break another bottle for your head no worry… fool”.

Reacting, Dammy stated that Wizkid couldn’t try it as he claimed that Shina Peller and Obagoal were the ones who stopped him from locking Wizkid up. He stated that he could still reopen the case and order for his arrest.

He noted how Wizkid threw a glass cup in his section and went on to hide in Shina Peller’s office because he knew people would have beaten him up.

“Them no born am well, if not for Shina Peller & Obagoal, I would have locked up Wiz; which I still can do if the need arises, Jit threw a glass cup in my section in Quilox then ran away to hide in Shina Peller’s office & Beg me lol Wiz know say Men for enter am; R.I.P 44”.

Another netizens questioned if Dammy would be able to beat Wizkid up if they left both of them to fight.

“If dem leave you and wizkid 1 on 1, you mean you go comot his teeth just now?”.

Responding to him, Dammy questioned if he was whining Jesus as he called for people to organize a tournament for them.

“You wan Dey wine Jesus wey turn water to wine make Dem organize that boxing tournament for me & am first make all eyes clear”.

Dammy Krane days he can arrest Wizkid
Dammy Krane days he can arrest Wizkid

Recall that in 2016, Wizkid and Dammy Krane had engaged in a physical fight at
Obafemi Martin’s All Black party, Quilox nightclub, which left
Dammy Krane bloodied.

Dammy Krane, who had accused Wizkid of stealing his slang and lyrics, was said to have made a statement that didn’t sit right with Wizkid, who without warning punched Dammy in the face, some claim he hit Dammy with a glass cup. Dammy picked up a bottle and threw it at Wizkid but missed and before he
could do anything else, others got involved and separated the two.

Their beef was later settled by Legendary singer, 2baba and Shina Peller who interfered in it and resolved their conflict.

Dammy Krane is currently at loggerheads with Wizkid’s counterpart, Davido who he accused of owing him money. In response, Davido highlighted his support for Dammy Krane in the past, including providing him with accommodation. However, Dammy Krane maintained that this support does not negate the financial debt owed to him. This disagreement has escalated over time, with Dammy Krane repeatedly calling out Davido on social media and releasing a diss track for him.

The situation intensified as Dammy Krane accused Davido of attempting to take his life. He recounted his near-fatal incident at a Lagos nightclub, where he was almost stabbed to death. He alleged that Davido and the club owner had orchestrated the attack.

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