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Daddy Freeze replies actress Mary Remmy Njoku on sexual harassment

OAP Daddy Freeze has reacted to a social media post by Nollywood actress and producer, Mary Remmy Njoku who stated on Instagram how she was left in shock after a movie producer made an unflattering comment about a lady with huge camel toe.

Reacting to her post, Daddy Freeze pointed out to Mary Remmy Njoku how a lady showing off her Camel toe is sexual harassment and also how men are dying in silence.

Daddy Freeze wrote:

Hello @maryremmynjoku I saw your post and since it was directed to #instafam I felt I could respond since I fall into that cathegory, lol.

Yes, what you witnessed is definitely sexual harassment and you have every right to be offended by such careless and lewd words from a member of the opposite sex.

I will strongly recommend that you go as far as making a formal report if you feel violated by what you heard in that traumatizing conversation.

Also, feel free to demand an apology, which I am of the firm opinion that you deserve.

However, there is something I want to bring not just your attention, but the attention of the entire public, which is the fact that CAMELTOE IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN ITSELF!

Daddy Freeze replies actress Mary Remmy Njoku on sexual harassment

Camel toe is the outline or silhouette of the vagina, visible through clothes and it is harassment to anyone who is not supposed to see it, working out in a public gym is no excuse!

I consider myself very tolerant when it comes to how women choose to dress. I have absolutely no issues with mini skirts, crop tops or bikinis, if those who choose to wear them are careful enough to tread the lines of decency with caution.

However, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE OUTLINE OF A VAGINA under any guise, whether it’s the politically correct terminology ‘cameltoe’ or whatever else anyone may choose to delineate it as, it’s not only wrong, it constitutes sexual harassment!

Has this now become a branch of feminism? “I can flash my cameltoe if I want, I’m a feminist!”, NO YOU F**ing CAN’T, dress decently!

I remember being in a church on freedom way in Lekki on a Sunday, when I still used to go to church, from the small chops kiosk where I was queueing to buy asun, I could see people emerge from the church. There was this lady walking towards me with the mother of all cameltoes I could literally distinguish the outline of her labia from her clitoris and I felt raped, to be modest.

So as a public figure with a following, I’ll implore you to spread the word to your colleagues and friends that SHOWING CAMELTOE IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND MANY MEN ARE SUFFERING IN SILENCE.

Do have yourself a blessed day! ~FRZ
(Convener, #FreeTheSheeple, Leader, #FreeNation)

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