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Daddy Freeze goes to Dubai to prove Hushpuppi truly bought a rolls Royce

Daddy Freeze has risen to the defense of Hushpuppi whose former friends say he never bought any of the Rolls Royce and Bentley he flaunted on social media.

After flaunting a Bentley Bentayga on Valentine’s day, Hushpuppi flaunted a Rolls Royce weeks after as his newly acquired ride.

However, a former friend Cubanna Chief Priest slammed him with claims that the cars are rentals and have no receipt.

Reacting to the accusations, Hushpuppi flaunted a receipt to silence his detractors.

However, Cubanna Chief Priest replied stating that the receipt actually belong to Mompha who bought his own Rolls Royce about the same time. This was attested to by Mompha.

To douse all rumors, Daddy Freeze has now offered to go to Dubai to prove Hushpuppi truly bought the car.


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