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“There is nothing wrong with performing at political events”, Daddy Freeze defends Timi Dakolo, carpets Akah Nnani, others

Daddy Freeze supports celebrities performing at political events

Media personality, Daddy Freeze has carpeted Akah Nnani and others dragging celebrities for performing at political events.

Actors Desmond Elliott, singer Timi Dakolo, comedian Mr Jollof, talent manager Ubi Franklin and many others were subject of criticisms for performing and showing supports to politicians during their rallies.

Hours after, Akah Nnani took to his Instagram page to condemn his colleagues who were praying and singing at political events, Daddy Freeze took to his own page to carpet him.

He avowed that there was nothing wrong in performing at political events and interviewing political candidates as they are only doing their job and earning their livelihood.

The media personality stated that PVC and voting is what guarantees election victory and not artiste performance.

He further stated that if one doesn’t want to be considered a hypocrite, he or she shouldn’t clamp down on artistes alone when caterers, event planners, event venue owners, drink suppliers and the rest are overlooked.

Daddy Freeze vowed to do same if he was in such position.

He advised celebrities not to allow anyone emotionally blackmail them as long as they are only been professional.

He wrote, “Dear Nigerian musicians & actors (both gospel and secular), MCs, DJs, radio/tv presenters etc. I don’t see why you can’t perform at political events and interview political candidates, you are simply doing your job and earning your livelihood. PVC and voting is what guarantees election victory not artiste performance. Also remember that if you don’t want to be a hypocrite, don’t clamp down on artistes alone, remember to include caterers, event venue owners, drink suppliers, ushers, security personnel etc at the events. I included the Gospel acts because in Nigeria gospel is not a calling rather a business; unless we want to lie to ourselves. Personally, I will interview any political leader who wants to use my services or my platform, at my current going rate, plus the surcharge for political events/candidates. Don’t let anyone use emotional blackmail on you, but also remember to do your job as professionally as possible keep it professional. Interviewing a candidate or performing at an event is different endorsement, know the difference. Earn your pay, Nigeria is already hard enough!”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Akah Nnani had issued out a public announcement to his colleagues who sing or pray at political events.

He opined that doing such indirectly means one is endorsing such politician as candidates for the general election.

The actor cum media personality stated that has public figures and entertainers, they don’t have the luxury of taking their image or work lightly especially not now.

Akah Nnani told his colleagues to start choosing sides now as fixing the country is more than screaming about what’s wrong.

Daddy Freeze supports celebrities performing at political events
Daddy Freeze supports celebrities performing at political events
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