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Daddy Freeze brutalizes a troll who told him he won’t go far in life

Daddy Freeze condemns motivational

Controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze has come for a follower who called him out on Instagram.

The woman called him out and told him he won’t go far in life. She wrote:

“”You are the problem of yourself, that is why you cannot go far beyond this stage of life.”

Freeze who is the type that won’t let that slide came for her edges. The former coolFM staff, berated her with insulting words as he shared her photos saying; “where he is in life, she can’t fanthom”. He wrote:

“@funmiolukoya look at yourself, sitting on the soakaway in your backyard fighting with your keypad. Where I am in life, your kind can’t even begin to fathom.Where have you reached in life? Look at you, all dressed up like it’s the village version of Halloween. Who woke you up from where you were lying in state??Dumbass dingbat, looking haunted like something freshly embalmed by an amateur mortician.I used to think the Dead Sea was the lowest point on earth until I stumbled upon your IQ.”

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