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“Try rest from your wickedness” – Cynthia Morgan tells Psquare’s elder brother, Jude Okoye, as she reveals her deadly desire for him

Cynthia Morgan tells Jude Okoye to rest from wickedness

Nigerian former dancehall singer Cynthia Morgan, now Madrina, has called out Jude Okoye, the elder brother of music group Psquare.

She claimed that Jude had been calling her with different people to confirm if she was aware he had been siphoning her royalties and that of Peter for years.

Making him know that she is aware she told him to call her directly and not go through corners and told him to try rest from all his wickedness.

She added that she would have loved that the money would give him cancer and later kill him, but she feels God wants him to repent, hence why he exposed him.

“So @judeengees has been calling me with different people to confirm if I am aware of how he has been siphoning my royalties and that of Peter for years. Lol, I am very much aware sir and you can call me directly to confirm.
Try dey rest for all this your wickedness. I for like make the money give you cancer and later kill you sir, but e be like say God wan make you repent na im make e expose you.

She added that, ‘You and everybody wey believe your story, all of una dey mad. We go see for Lagos”.

Cynthia Morgan tells Jude Okoye to rest from wickedness

Early this year, Morgan had launched an attack on Psquare and Jude, calling them habitual liars and promising to revolt. Addressing those telling her to move on, she stated that it wasn’t easy, especially when she was eating noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when everyone thought she was living the life of a millionaire.

In 2020, Cynthia alleged that Jude took over all her social media accounts and stripped her of her name after she opted to leave the label. An accusation Jude denied with proof. The embattled reggae dancer accused him of owing her N7m and continued to drag him, raining curses on him as she wished him suffering and tagged him “evil”.

Reacting to her rants, Jude Okoye mocked her in a sarcastic tweet, sarcastically claiming that Dangote also owes him N20 billion. He added that if he shouted too long, it might also become real.

Taking a move, Cynthia Morgan dragged him to court over the culpability of her intellectual property during their time together at Northside Entertainment. We wonder what happened to the court case as she hasn’t updated the public on it.

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