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“The Okoyes are habitual liars” Cynthia Morgan drags Psquare and Jude Okoye as she threatens to revolt

Cynthia Morgan says the Okoyes are habitual liars

Nigerian singer, Cynthia Morgan now known as Truly Madrina has launched an attack on the famous music duo, Peter and Paul Okoye, as well as their brother, Jude Okoye, who was her former label boss.

In a post on her Instagram page, she claimed that the brothers are habitual liars as she threatened that her revolution would be televised.

Addressing those telling her to move on, she stated that it isn’t easy, especially when she was eating noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when everyone thought she was living the life of a millionaire.

She stated that she doesn’t care about him taking her money, but he should avoid trying to ruin her reputation because he doesn’t have one.

“It’s so easy for people to say move on when they weren’t the ones eating noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when everybody thought they were millionaires. I don’t even care about you taking my money but don’t try to ruin my reputation because you don’t have one”.

“The revolution will be televised. The Okoyes are habitual liars”.

Sharing a screenshot of her press statement she made in 2020 apologizing to him, she stated that it was never from her as she doesn’t owe Jude Okoye any apology. She claimed that Jude and his accomplice, Sandra bullied her into writing that apology as she had no access to her Instagram page.

She stated that she was drained and left angry for years as the thought of suicide was her only companion but then she just couldn’t let them win or allow her mum go through such pain.

“This was never me. I don’t owe you any apology @judeengees you and your accomplice bullied Sandra into writing an apology. I had no access to this Instagram page for at least a week after that interview and that was why I started unfollowing everybody immediately. I was drained and left with anger for years. the thought of suicide was my only companion but then I just couldn’t let you guys win or let my mum go through such pain in my absence”.

Cynthia Morgan says the Okoyes are habitual liars
Cynthia Morgan says Jude Okoye bullied her to apologize

Earlier on, Cynthia Morgan had called out Jude Okoye over her royalties.

She stated that Jude claimed she owed him money and wasn’t productive in his label, yet when she performed at Coke Studio, she was paid N5 million and also played for Star Trek where she was paid not less than N1million for the 11 shows she did for them.

She added that though she might be quiet, it doesn’t mean she is a fo0l as she noted how Jude hasn’t given her ‘her’ royalties on her intellectual properties to fate.

In 2020, Cynthia Morgan alleged that Jude took over all her social media accounts and stripped her of her name after she opted to leave the label. An accusation Jude denied with proof.

Cynthia Morgan’s former manager, Joy Tongo released the contract the dancehall singer signed with Jude. The contract which was signed in October 2013, ran for 4 years and had a 2 year option renewal. It also had a 50-50 sharing formula and it was not stated anywhere that Cynthia Morgan would lose her name.

The embattled reggae cum dance hall star didn’t stop there, she accused him of owing her N7m and continued to drag him, raining curses on him as she wished him suffering and tagged him “evil”.

Reacting to her rants, Jude Okoye mocked her in a sarcastic tweet, sarcastically claiming that Dangote also owes him N20 billion. He added that if he shouted too long, it might also become real.

Taking a move, Cynthia Morgan dragged him to court over the culpability of her intellectual property during their time together at Northside Entertainment.

In a court document, the singer demanded a full account of income and expenditure from her intellectual property. We wonder what happened to the court case as she hasn’t updated the public on it.

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