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‘Cultivate the habit of saving and investing’, Actress Mary Lazarus advises junior colleagues

mary lazarus

Nollywood actress, Mary Lazarus has given her two cents to upcoming actors and actresses on cultivating the habit of saving and investing at an early stage.

In a post shared on Instagram, she recounted her experience as an upcoming actress while setting a target for herself after leaving her white-collar job for acting even though, it seemed difficult at first.

According to the actress, she had set a 100k target to save monthly from her acting job and for her first role, she got a pay of 130k, which she used judiciously.

Meanwhile, the Igbo actress stated she did not join the movie industry because of fame and for flaunting luxury lifestyles like her other colleagues.

Mary urged her junior colleagues to cultivate the habit of saving since money gotten from Nollywood usually comes in bits (daily, monthly, weekly) as they will be shocked at the turnover after years of investment.

She wrote:

I told my friend that I set a monthly target and she was surprised. Let me tell you a story. Years ago after Nysc, I got a job that I was being paid 48k monthly. I wasn’t really happy not just because of the money but that wasn’t the career path I wanted. I cried most times as I drove to the office and sneaked out sometimes to attend auditions. One day I made up my mind to resign without having another job o….. Very risky. I told my dad about it and he didn’t object as long as I knew what I was doing. I decided to join the movie industry. I told God that if it was his Will then let me be successful. I set a monthly target for myself to double the salary I was being paid in my former job……

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