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Cossy Ojiakor calls out Apostle Suleman,Daniella Okeke and Iyabo Ojo

Actress Cossy Ojiakor has revealed three people she dislikes. The busty actress mentioned Apostle Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries, actress Iyabo Ojo and actress Daniella Okeke.

In January this year, Cossy mentioned how a certain man sent her on errand but refused to pay her for the job. She wrote on IG:

”Now….they are all singing a different song. Women.. Some are so easy to be broken. A prison term can do the trick… Well what do i know about that case. Absolutely nothing… Then the chekeleke bird whose story i know is true is singing a different tune… Clap for yourself. You be the chopper. me I be the worker wey never collect salary. Like seriously do I look like someone you can send on errands without sorting out. Jay …jay…jay.. How many times did I call you. 3x. I wonder how you do it. Na only you follow come…Baba for the girls. Confess your sins now … Own it up to them or I can help you fix it. As for me I must get paid for the work I did. You can’t use me as errand girl without pay because you are still eating the fruit of my labour. On Easter Sunday. Your name and your organization will be made public. You can sue me. I don’t care. I worked… I must get paid..”

When her fans made it known to her that she was referring to Apostle Suleman, she denied such claims and promised to reveal the identity on Easter Sunday.

”Been reading comments. Hmmmm Why do you guys think am referring to Apostle Suleiman. Thou he looks just like jay. jay jay my ex boss. But belie me its not him. Hahaha. You guys are rotten cheiii….so you mean you believe this kind of Holy man can send silly me on errands and not fulfill his promises. This very rich pastor. Man of gods that buys and dashes car to all and sundry, I know this from google… Hmmm oya ask The Apostle if he know me. He will surely tell you no. But if he says yes.. Then he is ……Pls ooo don’t put words into my mouth. On Easter Sunday i will show you the name of the man I had dealings with. The two faced mother f*cker”.

Well, this is Easter Sunday and Cossy Ohiakor didn’t fail to reveal the name. She mention Apostle suleman, Iyabo Ojo and Daniella Okeke as people she dislikes a lot.

”I dislike a lot of people…. Frienermies….. This Pastor just happens to be one of them……… Hahahha sue me.

I dislike a lot of people … Iyabo Ojo just happen to be one of them …. Hahahha sue me

I dislike a lot of people…. and Daniella Okeke happens to be one of them … Hahahaha sue me”.

Actress Iyabo Ojo has been linked with Pastor David Ibiyeomie, an information that sent Kemi Olunloyo to prison. Daniella Okeke on the other hand was mentioned as having an affair with Apostle Suleman when the Apostle was having a sex scandal case with Stephanie Otobo. Could this latest rant from Cossy Ojiakor be a confirmation of rumors flying around?

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