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Actress Cossy Ojiakor reveals she has invested in agriculture


The last celebrity any fan would expect to venture into agriculture is Cossy Ojiakor and it’s mainly because of her large boobs which might get in the way when tilling the soil. Well, with money and technology at ones disposal, one doesn’t need to actually be involved in the worskings on the farm before he or she can be seen as a farmer.

Actress Cossy Ojiakor reveals she has invested in agriculture

In a chat with Vanguard, Nollywood actress, Cossy Ojiakor revealed that she has acquired acres of land and has invested in agriculture. She however revealed that the recent development doesn’t stop her from acting.

“I have acquired several acres of land and currently tilling and weeding to cultivate anything cultivatable including yams, cassava, Vegetable and more. What about film making I ask? She says “ film making does not stop me from farming the land because I know that man must wack”, she said.

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