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Comedienne Real Warri Pikin tackles entitled Nigerian married men, says there’s more to being a man

Warri Pikin

Popular Instagram comedienne, Anita Asuoha, better known as Real Warri Pikin has taken to social media to berate married men who are in the habit of beating their wives and reporting their wives to their mothers.

Famous for acting on Instagram, Real Warri Pikin shared the video on her social media where she insisted that being a man doesn’t necessarily translate to knowing how to perform during sex.
According to her, it entails more than that while urging married men who hit their wives or report their wives to their mother to stop.

Watch the video below;


Kemi Filani News recalls  Real Warri Pikin revealed that she is not ashamed of her curvy shape and heavy waist.

Anita revealed this in an interview with Punch.

“Childbirth gave me all my curves; it was after I had kids that I gained weight. I have never been shy of my curvy body. I love it and I have also been working on it so that I can be fit. I have been experiencing knee pains lately and that’s why I’m keeping fit. The plan is not to go skinny because I still love to be a ‘thick madam.’

“I am a fan of originality because I know that if you are original, you will do things effortlessly. Many people do certain things to stay relevant and it works for some of them. It also depends on your personality and the version of yourself that you’re selling. For example, I cannot present myself as a sexy person so much so that I will start wearing skimpy things and twerking online. My followers will be shocked because my brand does not depict that. But for some people, that is what resonates with them.

“Some people don’t know I can speak English fluently because of the way I speak ‘Warri Pidgin.’ Some people are also surprised that I went to school, let alone am a graduate. For example, I recently posted a throwback photo of when I was a corps member and I received some funny comments on Instagram.’’

When asked if her husband is cool with her line of job, she replied;

“My husband does not caution me against any of the contents that I churn out. I’m really a 100 per cent tomboy and it doesn’t bother him.

“And as for me, a celebrity is not proud becauses he or she is famous. Unfortunately, I hear people say that about me. I know that I have not changed; people need to understand that once you become popular, you don’t change; you grow. There are some things that you won’t see them do anymore.

“Some family members and friends also don’t understand but I have come to understand that celebrities need to balance their lives because actions speak louder than words. You cannot convince everyone that you are humble. When I am in a bad mood and a fan enthusiastically says ‘hi,’ I greet them back well so I don’t appear proud. Thoughts like this are inevitable so one has to be very careful.”

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