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Comedienne Real Warri Pikin opens up on her N200 million worth

Real Warri Pikin whose real name is Anita Alaire Afoke Asuoha is one of the funniest comedienne currently making waves in the entertainment industry.

Married to Ikechukwu Asuoha with two kids together.
The Delta State born has opened up on her acclaimed N200 Million worth.

When asked if she’s truly worth N200 millions, she says, “You burst my head with this question but don’t worry as God dey my back like hunchback and my street go soon get streetlight, no worry I go soon worth that amount and even pass am.”

On how she met her husband, Ikechukwu and how he proposed, Real Warri Pikin tells The Sun, ” I met my husband in the church. I didn’t see him but he saw me because it was my first time in that church. He is an altar guard and so when they called me out as a first timer he saw me, I didn’t see him. So we later saw that day at the home cell, he happens to be my home cell leader. It’s a very long story but the bottom line is that I met him in July 2012; we got married after nine months. He proposed to me on my birthday, October 29th, and here we are today after eight years happily married, still happy.”

On discovering comedy talent through depression, “Like I said in 2018, I said let be explore this other part of me since it was what was trending and I could no longer dance like I used to. Something happened and I was depressed in 2018 and so I felt let me use the situation I went through to give hope to people but in a comic way. And then it began to make sense and this is where I am today.”

Real Warri Pikin also recalls the craziest thing a fan has done to her,” You know because of my brand, my fans tend to put up this sort of energy when they see me because of the energy they get from my brand. So when they see me even if I am not in the mood, I must enter the mood. So I can remember one time, I went for an event at Transcorp Hilton and I had to use the rest room and this girl literally followed me to the rest room, she was so awe struck that she followed me inside the rest room, I was like can you at least allow me ease myself?”

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