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Comedienne Lepacious Bose celebrates friend’s weight loss, shares transformation pictures

Comedienne Lepacious Bose has shared pictures showing her friend’s amazing weight loss.

The friend who use to be as big as Lepacious Bose joined in the comedienne’s battle against weight and also overcame like her.

To celebrate the friend’s victory, Lepacious Bose took to social media with pictures showing the amazing transformation of a lady who never thought she was fat.

She wrote: “This is Jumoke Ayadi we acted in Being Mrs Elliot by @omonioboli together. By this time I had just started my journey and I remember talking to her about Weightloss. Jumoke ran a joint in Surulere then so there was always Peppersoup, beer, Coca-Cola etc around her! She laughed and told me sis I am not fat it’s only my tummy that is big and that’s how God made me jare! She was drinking coke casually as she told me she was not bothered, she was cool. –
Yesterday someone chatted me up, I looked at the dp and did not know the person; so I asked who is this please? Imagine my shock when she told me it was her? Jumoke Ayadi whaaaaaaat???? She had taken the decision to fight back and she’s winning!!! My God am so very very proud of her!!! –
See this thing called weight is a game of the mind! The more you feel “na fat I fat I no kill person” “I don taya” etc the weight won’t shift! You need to know that it is war and treat it as such! –
Welll done Jumoke ! @olajumokeayadi keep going girl!”

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