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Comedian Sydney Talker slammed for recovering from coronavirus in 48 hours

sydney talker

Comedian Sydney Talker has been slammed for claiming he’s now feeling better after he cried out with claims that he might be positive to coronavirus.

Sydney Talker took to social media to give an update on his health status and to reveal that he now awaits result from the testing he did for coronavirus.

He tweeted: “Thanks to everyone for the genuine concern towards my health and I also want to specially appreciate the Lagos state government @jidesanwoolu @LSMOH and @NCDCgov for reaching out as I have been tested and await my result this week”.

He added: “I’m currently stable and I will keep everyone updated on the progress with my health. I love you all and thanks so much for the show of love and care”.

This didn’t sit well with social media influencer Kelvin Odanz who claimed he was only chasing clout.

Kelvin Odanz tweeted: “Sydney Talker tested positive for Coronavirus and recovered in less than 48 hours, the fastest recovery from the virus ever recorded. Why are we not talking about this landmark achievement?

And btw, who tested him to confirm that he is positive for Coronavirus? Because it was obviously not the NCDC

After we find out who tested him, can we then go back and appreciate the speed of his recovery?

His immune system is the immune system other immune systems want to copy

We need to interview that young champ and find out exactly how he managed to recover?

Did he take any special drugs? Did he eat any special food (maybe swallowed clout)?

Knowing how he tackled Covid-19 and won is the key to Nigeria successfully defeating coronavirus.

By his clout, we are healed”.

sydney talker
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