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Churchill Olakunle reacts to Zainab’s allegations

Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband, Dr Churchill Olakunle has reacted to the allegations of one Zainab Rufai who claimed the Big Church Group Chairman had a relationship with her, used her and dumped her for his numerous selfish gains

Owing to a series of allegations from Miss Rufai, social media users see the philanthropist in a different light, forcing Churchill to come public in debunking the news

For the past two days,Zainab’s confession has caused an uproar on social media, as it appears Tonto Dikeh might just be right about his personalty, which she cried about, prior to this time

Miss Rufai’s allegations have kick stared the #mustbringdownchurchill campaign, currently trending online

As predicted from social media users, Churchill waved the allegation as attention seeking fabrication and disclosed to Vanguard by phone contact that Zainab made up the story

He said;

This is very funny to me and I must give her kudos for a well scripted write up to drag me out. I certainly know she has join forces with the #mustbringdownchurchillgang to portray me as evil before the public. In truth, Zainab was known to me at her young age and we shared some closeness but no engagement or marriage proposal of any sort” “It’s unfortunate that public opinions have been swayed in her direction but I don’t want to give attention to her and all she had said as they were well cooked and garnished by the same source and group that have been blackmailing me. A wise man once said that not all relationship leads to marriage and some friends are for a reason, some for a season and some for a lifetime, Zainab who recently contacted me for financial assistant which I rendered to her, was one of those flying visitors in a man’s life”

Meanwhile, Olakunle Churchill disclosed that he believes the scandal is a conspiracy by his ex-wife,Tonto Dikeh and has warned Zainab Rufai to desist from the “set-up”

See Zainab’s allegations here;

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