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”He’s acting like a baby” Netizens react to BBN chomzy showing off her boyfriend on his birthday

BBN chomzy boyfriend birthday

Big Brother Naija star Chomzy recently celebrated her boyfriend’s birthday, drawing attention on social media. In a video posted on her story, the adorable couple shared a moment that has since sparked various reactions from fans and followers.

The video shows Chomzy’s boyfriend affectionately holding her and resting his head on her bottom, a gesture that some netizens interpreted as him acting like a baby.

One commenter noted, “When a man loves a woman, that’s how he acts,” highlighting the deep affection evident in their interaction. Another observer pointed out a role reversal, suggesting Chomzy was acting more like the guy in the relationship, while her boyfriend displayed traits typically associated with women.

Despite the diverse opinions, the overall reaction to the video was overwhelmingly positive. Many people found the couple’s display of affection both cute and endearing. One fan even expressed a hopeful sentiment, saying, “One day this love will reach me.”

Remember, Chomzy made headlines back in September when she received a lavish gift from her boyfriend – a brand new white Benz. The car was a surprise birthday present, further showcasing the love and generosity of her partner.

In the past, there were rumors and speculations about Chomzy’s boyfriend being a married man. It was suggested that Chomzy was dating him while he was still married. However, her boyfriend publicly clarified these rumors, stating he was already divorced from his wife when he met Chomzy. This clarification helped to clear the air around their relationship.

Chomzy, known for her outspoken personality, gained fame during her time on the Big Brother reality show. She was often involved in controversies, despite not actively seeking them out. Her straightforward and bold demeanor has made her a memorable figure in the entertainment industry.

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