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Chioma Goodhair celebrates her mom’s 68th birthday anniversary in new post

Reality television star and businesswoman Chioma Ikokwu, who is popularly known as Chioma Goodhair took to Instagram to celebrate her mother’s birthday. The stunning socialite had a lot of loving words to share about her mother in the post she made. Chioma wrote, “Happy 68th birthday to the kindest, most loving, sweetest, selfless, humble, honest, content, straight shooter I know. Everyone who has come in contact with you has in one way or the other been blessed by your warmth and kindness. Whether it’s through your medical profession or your love for sewing & knitting or your generous spirit, there’s always a positive takeaway. Your husband and children are completely smitten by you. Your grandchildren are more fond of you than they prolly are their own parents. You’re literally the direct description of the Proverbs 31 woman and you will forever be my role model. I wish you nothing but long life in good health filled with lots of joy, happiness and prosperity. I know when I asked you to make a wish in slide 4 you didn’t wish anything for yourself because you are selfless like that but instead to carry my children and so shall it be. I love you so much mama bear. Guys please show some love to my incredible mother todav. She deserves all the accolades.
P.s-no-one drinks @cocacola_ng as much as this woman here. Wowwww! They should send you a carton FR”

Chioma Goodhair’s post on Instagram wishing her mom a happy birthday.

Chioma went on to share photos of her mum, including her dad, and one other person. The entire setting of the birthday celebration seemed cozy, and everyone seemed happy, with Chioma wearing a bright smile, while sitting next to her mother.

It is rare for Chioma to post her parents, and it almost seems like she mostly posts them on their birthdays. However, her daughter on the other hand is often being posted on social media, regardless of whether there is an occasion or not.

Chioma’s lifestyle on social media is the real definition of work-life-balance. She’s careful not to intertwine both worlds, thus , protecting herself from the gaze of the masses. When she’s not on screen, Chioma is out here creating memories by wearing bold and aesthetically pleasing outfits that can turn heads everywhere you go to. Her outfits are always well coordinated, with nothing left untouched.

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that celebrities are mortals too, and it is refreshing to be able to get a glimpse into their most vulnerable moments, such as when they’re hanging out with their parents. Chioma Goodhair’ post is an example of celebrities being vulnerable and appearing more human.

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