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Chioma Akpotha reacts as colleague, Chioma Toplis exposes her ‘true’ personality

Chioma Akpotha replies Chioma Toplis

Nollywood actress, Chioma Akpotha has subtly replied her colleague, Chioma Toplis for weighing into her beef with Georgina Onuoha.

Kemi Filani reports that Chioma Toplis had dragged her Chioma and Georgina over her reopened 4years beef.

Weighing into it, Chioma Toplis revealed that Chioma Akpotha had blocked her after getting her open message.

She expressed gratitude that Akpotha had blocked her as she considered her an enemy.

Trashing both of them, Chioma stated that they lacked integrity. She concurred that every words Georgina used to describe Chioma is what and who she truly is.

However, Georgina is not better than Chioma as she is only fake, and a compulsive liar.

Praying for them, she wrote,

“I just came across Georgina Onuoha’s rant about Chioma where she described her as a Cow crying yesterday lol.

I am glad that a day like this has presented itself and it is Georgina calling someone out to make herself look like a woman of integrity or a fearless woman.

Georgina is nothing but a two-faced human being.
That does not make what she said about Chioma not to be true oo because she is indeed “Where belle face”…. I hope she has truly changed.

There is another one that is always out everywhere taking up cases they didn’t mention her in… Just get a problem first and see all of them deny you even when they have evidence that can save you… They are COWARDS don’t mind these noises they display online!

Why was I not able to see Chioma’s video against Georgina? I came across Georgina’s video reply on Instablog just now and quickly went to check Chioma’s but couldn’t find her.

Oops looks like she has blocked me. I am glad she did at last. With her as a friend who needs an enemy?

At least she got my open message to her before blocking me she didn’t try to pretend. We have been following each other since but just ghosting each other lol e get why. Igbo adage says ‘okuko nyure ala obere n’elu’. That is where she has been with me since “HANGING”.

And as for Georgina, since she lost her old page we are not following each other anymore but I believe she also day my open message to her. Because she always sees everything on social media and talks about everything yet claims to be busy in America.

Unfortunately, these two women have decided to avoid me in this their battle kg INTEGRITY….which is good on their path to avoid many of their sht being let our proving them otherwise. Tahhh make una two shut up there!

Like I said the other day, two of them lack integrity, everything that Georgina called or used to describe Chioma is what and who she truly is. I pray she change.

However, Georgina is no better. She is fake as in if she greet you good morning you need to check your clock. She is a compulsive liar who lies through her teeth. Lying gives her life! She is “Onye Ara” kettle calling the pot black. I pray also that she changes, and finds the peace and a man’s love in her life that she craves.

Wishing the two love and light!”.

Replying her, an unbothered Chioma shared a video of her praising God, while licking cherry. In a now-deleted post, she captioned the video with,

“Hallelujah is my song. Hallelujah is the Highest Praise. Hallelujah is the sweetest praise. Hallelujah is what my sing will ever be! Thank you Jesus!”.

Chioma Toplis drags Chioma Akpotha and Georgina Onuoha
Chioma Toplis drags Chioma Akpotha and Georgina Onuoha
Chioma Toplis drags Chioma Akpotha and Georgina Onuoha
Chioma Akpotha replies Chioma Toplis
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