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Chika Ike tells fans to lick their screens as she goes unclad to a dinner date (Photos)

Fair and beautiful filmmaker cum actress, Chika Ike, who is set to premiere her movie, small chops has got something else up her sleeves.

The divorced movie star is asking her fans on social media to feel free to lick their phone screens as she goes almost unclad to a dinner date with her mystery man.

Chika Ike, an Anambra State born thespian had once upon a time hinted that as a young girl, she hated herself because to her, she wasn’t as beautiful as her mates at that time.

She said: “Growing up I never saw myself as beautiful because I got bullied a lot by some people who were personally disturbed and drew strength from making others feel bad about themselves. But as I grew older I started appreciating my unique beauty and understanding what beauty really means because I got to understand our definition of beauty differs from one another . What I see as beautiful might not necessarily be another’s definition of beauty . Beauty runs deeper than the superficial while to others it’s the superficial, some it’s confidence, some it’s naivety and to some its more of the intellectual type of beauty and it goes on and on.”

Ms Ike added that she has concluded that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone is beautiful in their special ways.
“Our imperfections makes use uniquely beautiful. I am beautiful, you are beautiful and everyone is beautiful. There isn’t a yard stick to measure beauty because it can’t be quantified or measured. So, i would advice young girls out there to stay positive, embrace you , love you and live you best life ! You really have only one life.”

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