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Cheating Scandal: Oritsefemi’s former manager, Kara, and his wife, Nabila, share more insight into their marital woes

A day after Nabali Fash, the wife to sensational Nigerian singer, Oriste Femi publicly called out the side chick who visited her husband to have sex with him.

Kara, a former manager to Oritse Femi, has opened up some can of worms on the cheating scandal, which has been happening for a long time; however, she decided to keep silent.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, the former manager said she would not be silent anymore as she knew where her loyalties lay.

See the post below:
I tend to keep quiet in the media… but this time I need to say this publicly for the record. I know where my loyalties lie. @nabila.fash …keep your head up. You were the one who begged me to manage him and I did a lot just for you. I spent my money to help fund his tours and did not get a penny paid back or any form of compensation.

He left me stranded in Europe but thank God I have decent friends in this life globally… I just let that slide because I know how to earn from my other businesses that pay me.

I kept all the memories and a lot of ugliness quiet from those times not just to protect his career and very diminished brand but to also protect you and your marriage. I almost physically fought people and even almost fought him to get him to behave… hmm… and despite everything, I am glad you know i stayed true to our friendship even when we didn’t speak.

I was quiet because I did not want to be the one to cause problems between both of you. A marriage is sacred to me. Pray and focus on the blessings coming your way. No one can know your pain or heal you better than God. I am glad we spoke… it is not easy to be married to someone so … er… disrespectful …to not just himself but to God. I respected you with my silence …

I did my best and it took 3 years for God to open these cans of worms. I now feel free to say this in public. I know the agony that drove you to make those posts on Instagram. I don’t expect anyone else to. Keep your pain contained. I sympathise with you. I am here for you. It is time to heal … whatever you decide, make God your centre.

Oritse Femi’s wife Nabali Fash also took to the comment section to reply as she wrote:
Kara my love, how funny it took 3 solid years for me to see what you were trying to tell me!!! I don’t need validation from anyone and also not doing pity party! I took a lot of insults for my choice! But I stayed true to my person and marriage! You were there from the beginning! You fought him for me… He manipulated both of us, still we stopped talking.

Look at God my love, He does things at the right time! I know you stayed quiet to respect me! Few months back, I stayed quiet to protect my brand, clients, family and all!

The world begged, he begged publicly, I had no choice but to forgive! But I had an ultimatum, ‘you won’t dare disrespect me again’.
The norm is this part of the world is, cheating is okay 🤣🤣, some will say so far he doesn’t bring them home 🤣
God has been fighting my battles…and I’m super grateful for where I am right now; my mental health!

Let’s not forget, we can’t play God in people’s life! We can only try to help!
I’m sorry for bringing you into his mess, what you went through in that Europe tour! He couldn’t get into your pants, so made up stories!

I’m glad to have you back in my life!!! I have known you for almost 10yrs, remember those dreams we had? They are still valid my friend! Greatness awaits us!

No bitterness, no shade, just publicly acknowledging you! And no you ain’t chasing clout for posting this! You waited for 3 good years to break your silence!
I can’t wait for us to toast to a great future!
I know I have great support system, so no shaking!
I remain NABILA FASH the plug 🔌
Peace, love and light my sister 😍😍💕💕

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