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Charles Awurum threatens to take Peter Obi to court as he calls him out (Video)



Charles Awurum drags Peter Obi

Nollywood actor, Charles Awurum has called.out Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

In videos captured online, the legendary actor questioned the former governor’s identity as he noted how he was changing the stairs quo and defying norms.

Charles Awurum pointed out how past elections were always rigged, and how Nigerians have grown accustomed to the rigging of elections.

He called him Peter Obi for trying to challenge what has become a norm in the country and for dis-stabilizing the judicial system.

“Time dey for laughter. Time dey for bullying folks and talking. This isn’t a laughing matter. I want to ask questions and he must answer me or we go to court. Pete Obi, who are you? See as you scattered election. The election we have been doing and moving to rig. It got to your turn, you want to change it. Who are you? The election was rigged as usual, and now you are shaking everyone.

The small selection that we did, where the norm is to rig and enter any political office you have made people restless. You have even made the Judicial confused they don’t even know if to support the truth”.

Charles Awurum speaks on 2023 election

Last year, Charles Awurum disclosed what will happen to anyone that refused to vote in the 2023 elections.

The movie star had furiously beckoned all Nigerians to vote when the time comes, saying that anyone that refuses to vote will be visited with ”thunder and Gonorrhea” sent by God.

Speaking further the veteran actor said anyone that does not vote in 2023, will be punished by the devil, God, and everything in this life.

Also, Charles Awurum expressed his stand on fellow entertainers who are financially influenced to vote for incompetent candidates.

In an interview, Awurum stated that he is against his colleagues who threw their weight behind politicians.