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“No one can stop my shine” Chacha Eke shares deep message, unveils new project (Video)

Chacha Eke

Nollywood actress Chacha Eke is set to launch a new project.

The mother of four took to her Instagram page hours ago to advocate for mental health.

It is no longer news that Chacha Eke suffers from bipolar disorder.

The actress revealed this in 2020 to retract her earlier statement about divorcing her husband, Austin Faani.

Chacha, who had announced her divorce from her husband, backtracked on her words as she claimed her outburst was due to her mental health.

According to Chacha Eke, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

“5 days ago i made a video saying that my marriage to Austin Faani is over. That video came with a lot of backlash, with people saying i suffered domestic violence. That’s not true, Austin has never raised his hands on me.”

“I am here at First Delta American hospital here in Asaba, I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder” She said.

Chacha, who has since been vocal about her mental health journey, has now hinted at unveiling a new project.

The actress shared a disturbing video with a deep message on being the light of the world.

The actress boldly declared that no one can stop her shine.

Though Chacha didn’t give much information on what she was working on, the actress dropped hints about her project via her comment section.

She revealed that she was working on mental health awareness as she confirmed her fans’ curiosity.

“I am the light of the world – I shine and I shine bright as no man, no woman, no hands, no powers can stop the sun, moon and the star from shining; the same is my portion, no man, ni woman, no hands, no powers can stop my shine. Have a good day everybody”.

A fan had taken to her comment section to query if the actress was creating a platform for mental health awareness, and Chacha confirmed it.

Elvine Kelah wrote, “I think she is creating a platform for mental health awareness. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

Chacha replied, “You’re right”.

Chacha Eke
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