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“You have mental illness if…” Chacha Eke spills (Video)

Chacha Eke

Nollywood actress Chacha Eke has weighed into the death of celebrity auto dealer, IVD’s wife, Bimbo Martins.

The actress, who has been championing mental health cases, has given her two cents on her death.

While highlighting the traits of mental health patients, Chacha revealed that if Bimbo had sought medical attention, she wouldn’t have set her house on fire.

Chacha indicated that the deceased suffered from mental illness, as her actions stemmed from being mentally unstable.

The mother of four opined that if you have anger issues, feel bitter & saddened to the extent that you inflict injuries on others, and are out of touch with reality, then one is battling with mental illness.

Chacha Eke highlights the traits of mental health patients

“If you have anger issues, I am talking temper, the one that wouldn’t go away until you take out your vexation on something or someone else, you have a mental illness.

If you feel bitter and saddened to the extent that you inflict injury on yourself, you have got a mental illness.

If you are out of touch with reality, you have paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions and the mood swings never end, that’s a mental illness.

If you recognize one, two, or more of the traits that I mentioned in yourself and for fear of being stigmatized. You refuse to align with the truth.

You will be doing yourself a great disservice. Mental illness can be inherited or acquired. Intense trauma, poverty, and living a hectic lifestyle can give one mental illness. If you fall under this category please seek medical attention”.

Chacha Eke makes a confession on her mental health struggle

Chacha Eke Fanni opened up on her struggles with her mental health.

The mother of four said she recognized herself in the boy who destroyed his mother’s house.

Chacha Eke-Faani while reacting to the viral video of the damage a boy did to his mother’s house in a fit of rage, made some shocking revelations.

The 12-years old had destroyed properties in his mother’s house because his phone was seized.

Reacting to the video, actress Chacha said she “recognizes” herself in the boy because she had done the same thing the boy did.

She added that she had destroyed properties and damaged many items when she was having a mental health crisis. Read more here

Chacha Eke reveals how she got her mental health

Chacha Eke, while opening up on her mental health journey, revealed how she got the illness.

The mother of four, who has been a proud advocate of mental health following her diagnosis with bipolar disorder, had made a new revelation about her personal life.

Chacha revealed that she got her ‘craziness’ from her mother and would likely pass it to her daughter.

The 35-year-old also revealed that she lost a baby 18 years ago. According to her, the baby died, and she is still in pain. Despite it being over a decade, she never forgets.

“I am crazy, I got it from my mama. My mama was a crazy woman, her mama was crazy. My daughter will probably grow and be a crazy little lady. That baby died and I’m so pained… 18 years gone but I never forget”. Read more here.

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