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“My dms are full of women with tearful stories” Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani prays for awaiting mothers

Toyin Lawani prays for awaiting mothers

Award winning fashion designer and celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has offered some words of prayers for awaiting mothers.

The mother of three noted how women are going through alot in their marriages.

Toyin Lawani revealed how her dms are filled with women voicing out over the challenges they go through in their husband’s house especially those seeking for the fruit of the womb.

On that note, the stylist took time out of her busy schedule to pray for those waiting on God for their own kids.

She wrote, “God keep blessing us continuously with the fruit of the womb, even if it comes with pains and drama, there are loads of women out there who cry themselves to sleep every night, at times I read my DMS and cry, women are going through so much pain in their marriages, due to the fact that they can’t have kids, I have had my own share of struggles but thank God for @iyaeweherbs_ng at that time. I pray God touches every home today with the cries of joy from newborn babies.

I pray to God to wipe those tears away and make them tears of joy. To every woman out there praying for the fruit of the womb, this is your year in Jesus’ name. Woke up and felt like praying for all the women praying for the fruit of the womb. At times what we have in abundance is what some women cry themselves to sleep at night wishing for, don’t take it for granted. Pls kindly say amen for them”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Toyin Lawani had carpeted her critics who judged her motherly skills from her dressings.

The mother of three stated that her raunchy photos don’t make her a bad mother or a bad influence on her kids.

According to her, her raunchy photos, exposure of skin and her sexy dresses don’t define who she is.

“My STAR GIRL @therealtiannah my baby girl, Super shy and always grounded, A lot of people don’t know how strict I am, they just judge me from what I post, well if you knew me you will know how soft, humble, respectful and kind I am.

But I don’t take nonsense, if you give me gbas I will give you gbasgbos, but people mix you promoting A brand to your real personality, who we are reflect in our kids, surrounding and the people around us. I actually don’t like going out, I’m a family woman, I don’t mix up, but I’m extremely friendly, and super shy atimes like my Tiannah.

See I dress sexy yes, I wear raunchy things yes, I show off my skin yes, I am Art and Art is me, I own a lingerie brand @lingeriesbytiannah and I own @tiannahsglowproducts, skin is what they use in promoting this, And when I do I sell out each time, it’s called business strategy, it doesn’t make me a bad person or an indecent person or a bad mother, I just feel the country is abit backwards atimes, I’ve seen people who come out like they are saints but they are worse, I just laugh when I see them fooling the world, but you see hardwork people who work genuinely for pay, you still judge them, well never judge a book by it’s cover, glad to see how people were commenting about how they love Tiannah and how appropriate she is, thanks to you all and God bless, you all can’t even begin to understand all the sacrifices I have made on her”.

Toyin Lawani prays
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