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Celebrity stylist Luminee celebrates daughter’s birthday with heartwarming letters


Famous celebrity stylist Luminee has penned heartwarming letters to God and her daughter, Anjola Sarigu to mark her daughter’s 9th birthday today, the 16th of June, 2023.

Luminee shared beautiful photos of her daughter rocking some of her exceptional masterpieces for her 9th birthday.

The proud mother celebrated her daughter’s birthday with prayers which stem from the depth of her heart.

Sharing the photos on Instagram, Luminnee appreciated God for giving her a best friend in her daughter, stating God gave her above and beyond her prayers.

She further appreciated her daughter for being wonderful to her and for always giving her a wonderful gift which is herself.

She wrote, “CHAPTER 9TH!

“Dear Lord, I woke up this morning celebrating a brand new 9TH year of my Daughter
Thank you for the precious gift of a bonus.
My Father! All I wanted was for a daughter to grow up healthy and strong, and wise. And instead, You, God gave me above and beyond my prayers; you gave me a best friend, It seems like just yesterday when she was my little princess, and now she is so grown. Please show her the unconditional love you have shown me in life, and let her know how loved she is in.”

“Dear daughter, we’ve had many birthdays together with you, and no matter what gift I have given you each year, you have always given me the perfect gift- your wonderful self. I thank God for all the blessings He has given us. Thank you for being so wonderful to me, Anjy!
Father Lord, Give her a lovely day filled with the Holy Spirit and wonderful days ahead……


In a similar manner, Luminee marked her daughter’s 8th birthday with heartwarming wishes and prayers.

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