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“Cee C is toxic” Awolowo’s grandson, Seyi tells Biggie (Video)



Seyi Awolowo, renowned grandson of Nigerian Chief Obafemi Awolowo has opened up about his fellow housemate Cee C.

During a candid diary session with Biggie, Seyi did not mince words as he accused Cee C of consistently seeking the spotlight and attention at any cost. He referred to her as toxic.

According to Seyi, Cee C’s desire to be the centre of attention has led to her engaging in actions that he believes are disrupt the peace in the house.

He went on to point out the irony of her complaints about certain behaviours while she is also actively participating in those same actions herself. Seyi also expressed his frustration, claiming that Cee C is unable to handle criticism or confront the consequences of her own actions.

Watch the video here!

Peep the reactions of people below

One lisaimen94 had this to say,

“I don’t like him, but he didn’t lie sha”

One c_a_s_s_a_n_d_r_a_ had this to say,

“he did not lie … everything he said is the truth … but watch her fans drag him all”

One ifvlomo had this to say,

“Ceec’s own is really too much.. sometimes i just wonder if she’s like that outside the house or she’s just playing her game”

One mrs_janetelvis had this to say,

“He may not be our preferred contestant, but in this particular context he’s saying the raw truth. Which may be difficult to digest by her fans.”

One sharon.chigozirim had this to say,

“At least it wasn’t Doyin that said before you people will come for her”

One lovelinealeke had this to say

“Even if he leaves it doesn’t matter

He is saying the truth, but my issue is that there is no difference between his character and ceecee”

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