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“Why I feel pity for him” Catholic Priest, Fr Kelvin Ugwu reveals as he offers support to Peter Obi

Fr Kelvin Ugwu expresses pity for Peter Obi

A Nigerian Catholic Priest, Fr Kelvin Ugwu has offered support to Labor Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, who lost during the election.

In a post on his Facebook page, he noted how people promised to teach Peter Obi a lesson and have kept true to their words.

Expressing pity for the former Governor of Anambra State, he stated that he can only imagine how he is suffering right now. Calling for people to check up on him, he questioned if the politician had eaten.

“We will teach Obi a lesson,” they said.

And truly, I really feel for Obi. I can only imagine how he is suffering right now.

Can someone check up on him? Has he eaten?

Purest Purity”.

Fr Kelvin Ugwu expresses pity for Peter Obi

In December last year, Peter Obi claimed he was being threatened for rejecting mind-blowing offers made to him.

Obi, however, did not reveal the identity of those who made him the offers, as he insisted that he was not afraid of death and would always be on the right path.

Last month, there was an uproar on social media, especially on the micro-blogging platform Twitter now known as X, over a viral photo of Peter Obi’s son, Oseloka.

The young lad, who is a Hollywood actor, movie producer, and businessman was featured in a gay publication which left many questioning his sexuality.

The photo created an uproar online as some defended his father while others dragged the Labour Party presidential candidate for raising a gay son.

In other news, Fr Kelvin Ugwu had expressed his disgust at the viral video of ladies wearing wedding gowns to a prayer testing event for husbands, which was shared by actress, Chacha Eke.

In the video, all the ladies were seen wearing bridal gowns as they prayed fervently for their spouses, which left many questioning if the ladies’ characters were also tested.

Reacting to it, the clergyman condemned the act as he questioned why men weren’t made to wear wedding suits and pray for wives.

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