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‘Caroline, your bold face lies are hilarious, do you own Google?’ Linda Ikeji fires back at actress

Caroline Hutchins slams Linda Ikeji

The verbal war between popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji and actress Caroline Hutchings has continued to linger with accusations and counter accusations.

Caroline Hutchings had revealed that Linda Ikeji through her blog contributed immensely to reasons her marriage to billionaire businessman Mohammed Danjuma packed up a few years ago.

The movie star made this known during one of the episodes of the reality TV show ‘Real Housewives of Lagos’ while reacting to a statement made by one of the housewives, Laura Ikeji.

However, Linda Ikeji replied her maintaining that she had no hand in the marriage crash of the actress, and that she only did her job as a blogger.

Caroline further accused Linda of claiming she had a daughter with another man, and later took it off her blog post.

While responding to this, Linda Ikeji called Caroline a bold face liar.

The blogger wrote the actress a lengthy note which reads: “Dear Caroline, your bold face lies are hilarious and probably does not deserve a response but we will address you one last time. These stories you claim we wrote about you, where is it on the Internet? A blog would write that you’re a gold digger and married your forefathers? Lol. You’re hilarious. Not only didn’t LIB write anything like this, no other blog did. Where’s the record of these stories online? You say we deleted them? How? From our blog and all the other blogs that would have carried the story from us? Nobody has the power to completely scrub out a story online. Do you own Google? 
You also said we gave our platform to your ex husband’s mistresses to troll you and we wrote articles in defence of these mistresses? Lol. Please make this make sense. Who are your ex-husband’s mistresses? We are supposed to know them? Where are these articles?
The most you can claim is that you read these as comments on blogs and it hurt your feelings and you directed your anger towards the owners of the platform… herein Linda Ikeji. Which to be honest is understandable.
Now to your papers from your lawyers years ago, (swipe to see), we did a light hearted story comparing your former body to a more rounded and fuller body. We even called you gorgeous. Where’s the malice in that? Doing your body up is not a bad thing. Most ladies have or want to do it, even Linda herself. 
And to your screengrab (swipe to see) that is not our blog or style of writing. And all and every story about late Tagbo and yourself on blogs was long after your marriage had ended and we NEVER EVER put your daughter and him in same article.
Please stop with the lies and take responsibility for your own actions and decisions.
We’ve been blogging for nearly 16 years, and we plan to be around for 200 more years like many news agencies.
Peace and love to everyone. Especially those who need it.”

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