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“They say time heals all wounds” Caroline Danjuma tenders apology to Toyin Lawani a year after their public spat, she reacts

Caroline Danjuma apologises to Toyin Lawani

Nollywood actress and businesswoman, Caroline Danjuma has tendered a public apology to Toyin Lawani, a year after their public spat.

Kemi Filani reported in 2022 that Toyin Lawani had publicly called out Caroline Danjuma for wrecking her marriage to her first husband, Aremo.

She accused Caroline of sleeping with her ex and claimed Caroline was the reason her ex threw her out of his house and beat her to a pulp.

Caroline denied ruining Toyin Lawani’s marriage, as she wondered how Toyin could claim her ex-husband, Musa Danjuma caught her with young boys yet he was married to her, Caroline from 2009 to 2011.

Now taking to her Instagram page, she apologized to the celebrity stylist as she noted how time heals wounds. She noted how two great lionesses fought and the grass suffered.

She further noted how life comes with great experiences and through the journey she has learned in the moment of conflict, you just learn to be calm, listen, pray over it, and speak to the person one is in disagreement with.

Caroline revealed that it took a rough patch to realize and appreciate the beauty in just being alive.

“They say time heals all wounds .. two great lionesses fought and the grass suffered. Life is a journey and it comes with great experiences .. through this journey, I have learned that in the moment of conflict, you must learn to be calm, listen to your intuition, pray over it, and most importantly, SPEAK TO THE PERSON YOU ARE IN DISAGREEMENT WITH WITHOUT LETTING SIDE SNAGS TO SIP IN.

It took a rough patch to realize and appreciate the beauty in just being alive, happy, and showing true love and kindness to one another. Thank God we are alive to witness today.

In the spirit of Christ’s resurrection and the love he has for us. Here is wishing my dearest fashion Gurù aka atm @tiannahsplacempire a splendid and prosperous new year, full of love, laughter, sunshine, good health, grace, and favor.
This beautiful picture was shot by her ever-supportive husband @segun_wealth for RHOLAGOS.

God bless you both and your beautiful kids immensely. Love always”.

Reacting to it, Toyin noted how Caroline reached out to her when she lost her pregnancy and was healing amid their fight. She praised Caroline for her maturity as she noted how when a friendship is true and they go through rough moments, they will always find their way back to one another.

“Even amidst differences,
true strength lies in solidarity,
In a world where it’s normal for powerful women to clash, Disagree, or have differences,
Their ability to uplift and support one another in such times transcends all boundaries.
Here’s to celebrating the beauty of inner strength and the unwavering bond between two fierce souls.
Reaching out or showing support,
doesn’t mean you’re weak it shows that aside from being a human, you can be an angel
Stay blessed and love you always,
We are Amazing mothers who are willing to set good examples for our children,
We can apologize to one another and move on for the greater good of the future,
And examples that we set to a lot of young girls out there who look up to us,
Who we are mentors to,
They say when a friendship is true,
Even if it has rough moments,
They will always find their way back to one another,
She reached out but I didn’t see that message till today and yet when she heard about my hailing health she reached out once again,
This Act is commendable and for everyone out there to emulate,
Tiabanja Bitikakuko
You have shown so much maturity and love,
At times you can give a shoulder not because you want to but just because it is the right thing to do,
A big thank you to @carolynahutchingshomes
I’m proud of you
I never stopped loving you though
Both of our Pictures were Shot by the lens lord @segun_wealth owl”.

Caroline Danjuma apologises to Toyin Lawani
Toyin Lawani accepts Caroline Danjuma apology
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