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Caroline Danjuma issues a warning to Iyabo Ojo, Laura Ikeji and others

Caroline Danjuma replies Iyabo Ojo and Laura Ikeji

Nollywood actress and ex wife of billionaire, Caroline Hutchins Danjuma has a message for her haters, critics and co reality stars.

She appreciated them for their efforts and love on the hit reality show, Real Housewives of Lagos.

She noted how she was portrayed as a villians at times, and portrayed as an Angel other times.

However, she is assured that she gave her all, loved everyone, stood up for herself when she needed to, and apologised when necessary.

Sending a message to those who supported her, she affirmed her love for them and also admitted that she was in a learning process.

“Thank you all for your support and love on RHOlagos….most times I was your villian, most times your Angel…in all I gave my all… I loved, I stood up for myself when I needed to, I apologized when necessary…to those that support me I love you all dearly…to those that criticize me, thank you I am learning still… regardless I gave my voice and stood by my words…yes I am a Queen, a real queen who is not afraid to make enemies and ain’t afraid to also apologize when she is wrong. I gave you an Amazing show..it was fun entertaining you all…lots of love always…stay glued to your screen… something bigger is coming”.

Kemi Filani news recalls that her post is coming hours after actress, Iyabo Ojo called her out.

Iyabo Ojo claimed that Caroline was disrespectful and rude. She further claimed that she was the reason why Caroline still stayed on the show after snitching Toyin.

Iyabo Ojo wrote: “Caro! Caro!! Caro!! Your rudeness & disrespect that night was on a different level, you said I was insensitive towards your boyfriend’s bracelet lol … it’s a pity the camera can’t play out everything & the most happened off camera but deep down in your heart you know that I was one of the reasons you remained on the show….. even when you snitched on Toyin… showing me her WhatsApp messages to you about me, I still kept my cool and encouraged you to remain on the show…..Off camera you’re so rude & disrespectful even to the crew but I have always made excuses for you…, and I can see in your diary sessions, you are such an angel in Disguise….😂😅

Why didn’t you mention I returned your gift 🎁 the next day, you said I was insensitive about your boyfriend’s bracelet 🤣😂 bcos I asked if it was from your billionaire ex husband or current billionaire boyfriend lol that’s a girls talk no big deal darling & you know that, we’ve had worse talks than that….. the only issue was I asked on camera which I apologized immediately and we even laughed about it even tho the camera didn’t show that part, abi you forgot you told us that you wish you had stolen it for yourself & lied it went missing 🤣😂 anyways let’s leave the gbasgbos for reunion…’

Caroline Danjuma replies Iyabo Ojo and others
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