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Caroline Danjuma is divorced, she wants every other woman to be single – Laura Ikeji

Caroline Danjuma and Laura Ikeji

Again Nollywood actress, and single mother of three, Caroline Hutchins has been slammed by brand influencer, Laura Ikeji.

KemiFilani news recalls that just few days ago, Caroline Hutchins and Laura Ikeji opened can of worms on each other.

During the latest episode of their reality show, Housewives of Lagos, Caroline Danjuma and Chioma Ikokwu left many of the co-stars furious when they arrived late at an event.

Laura who was still upset over their behavior took to their WhatsApp group chat to lash out at her co-stars.

She boldly stated that the next time there is a gathering, she would make sure she turned up late if the show organisers can not caution the ladies.

Knowing fully well that Laura was talking to her, Caroline fired back at her.She noted how she and Laura would never have been in the same class or level if not for the show.

In a recent video, Laura Ikeji slammed the actress claiming that Caroline is unhappy about her marital situation hence she will not want other people to be happily married.

“Caroline is divorced of course she will want other people to be divorced. Is a thing na, do you think she is happy being single”, she boldly stated.

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